Main Street Helena offers several incentives for investing in downtown Helena, Arkansas. This page offers resources about both Main Street programs and other incentives in the area.

For more information about Main Street Helena programs, please contact

Main Street Helena Programs

Façade Mini-Grant Program

Mini-Grants are available to property and
business owners in downtown Helena to encourage façade improvements such as fresh paint, new awnings, and improved signage. The Main Street Helena Mini-Grant Program requires a private cash match. Mini-Grants are competitive.

Technical Assistance Program

Main Street Helena provides consulting services to all members, businesses, and property owners in downtown Helena. Utilizing the expertise of Main Street Arkansas, services include architectural design, interior design, and small business development. All services are available free of charge, but should be prearranged through the Main Street Helena office.

Other Programs

Southern Bancorp Community Partners: Low-Interest Loan Fund

With support from USDA and the Walton Family Foundation, Southern Bancorp Community Partners recently established a low-interest fund to spur investment in historic commercial and residential properties in historic downtown Helena. The rates are 3% for a 7-year loan; 3.5% for a 10-year loan, and 4% for a 20-year loan. 

Historic Rehabilitation 20%
Tax Credit

The Federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
has been one of the most powerful and effective tools for spurring rehab for income-producing and commercial buildings. At the federal the IRS offers a 20% income tax credit (not deduction) for the preservation and adaptive reuse of commercial and income-producing buildings. To qualify for the credit, the property must be a certified historic structure–that is, on the National Register of Historic Places, or contributing to a registered historic distract. All Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit projects must be certified by the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program. Contact AHPP at 501-324-9880.

Arkansas Delta Geotourism
Tax Credit

The Arkansas Delta Geotourism Tax Credit,
passed by the Arkansas State Legislature in 2007, provides a 25% tax credit on individual state income taxes to encourage investment in
tourism-related business in the Arkansas Delta. Examples of geotourism businesses include bed & breakfasts and lodging, restaurants, specialty retail, outfitters, guide services, and cultural, natural, and heritage-based attractions.

For more information, contact the Rural Heritage Development Initiative (RHDI) at 870-816-0774,
or the Dept. of Finance & Administration
at 501-682-7106.

The 2009 Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit

The 2009 Arkansas Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit (AR HTC) legislation creates a 25% credit to an individual or business' state income tax due for qualified expenses related to the preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and rescue of historic property to spur investment in older neighborhoods and historic downtowns in both urban and rural communities across Arkansas.

The AR HTC may be applied to either income
and non-income (residential) properties that
are designated, or eligible to be designated, historic properties. The program is administered by the Department of Arkansas Heritage. Contact them at 501-324-9880 for detailed information and timetables.